About Me

The boring life of Michael Marley.


I work for SAS Institute where I am a software developer. I currently help to maintain the SAS Profile suite of applications, which handles all user account-related information at the SAS website. This includes identity management, email subscriptions, and marketing email-related user configuration. I have fixed quite a number of bugs and added some new features, including a new database-based backend for the translation strings. I also maintain the Email Preferences application, which allows users to configure whether or not they receive marketing email from SAS.


I currently live in my own house in Cary, North Carolina, about ten minutes away from SAS. It is a great area to live, with many different facilities conveniently located, some even within walking or biking distance. My area is also in the middle of a Google Fiber deployment, so hopefully I will be able to get that service soon.


Most people would consider my life pretty boring. At the moment, I spend most of my spare time either contributing to open source software, pretending to be a system administrator, or pretending to be a network administrator. My next big project in that regard will be to complete wiring my house for Ethernet. I already have the router, switch, and wireless access point in place, but I still need to run cables in the walls and in the crawlspace. That needs to get done before I get Google Fiber so I can take advantage of the higher speed.


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